We Care Animal Rescue

The Challenge

We Care Animal Rescue was founded in 1982 in the Napa Valley and is funded entirely by private donations and fundraising efforts. The organization fosters and promotes the general welfare of animals by caring for homeless cats and dogs, finding homes for them and educating the public on animal welfare. Susan Wren, Board President, says “Without our donor’s financial support, We Care Animal Rescue could not provide these services. For many animals, We Care Animal Rescue is a place that provides them with a second chance in life.”

Marketing Goals

We Care Animal Rescue launched a new website at the end of 2015. The organization wanted to promote the new website functionality and make it easier to interact with the local community they serve in the Napa Valley. In order to execute their mission and achieve their goals, they used AdWords Express campaigns to promote their new website, attract volunteers and drive donations online.


The organization’s Web Developer used the AdWords Express ad creation tools to easily and quickly create their online ads and target them by geographical location. We Care Animal Rescue optimizes their search phrases that AdWords Express provides to drive more ad traffic and also uses the simple account dashboard to learn which ads their target audience responds to. They use this essential information to tweak their ads for the best results.

The AdWords Express app allows the organization to quickly monitor the success of their ads on the go. In addition, We Care Animal Rescue uses Google Analytics to monitor the number of incoming visitors to their website and which AdWords Express ads are working to attract more donors, volunteers and pet adopters.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

Since joining the Google Ad Grants program, We Care Animal Rescue has seen an average monthly increase in online adoption application submissions by 125% over the previous year. Susan Wren says, “Setting up our Adwords Express campaigns was simple and creating our first ads only took a few minutes. Adwords Express could not be easier to use. Within the same day of creating new ads, we see results.” Their AdWords Express campaigns successfully drive online donations, attract new volunteers, increase pet adoptions and broaden the organization’s visibility in the community.



Source: Google for Nonprofits