Fuse School

The Challenge

Fuse School’s mission is to provide free education for everyone through online courses on Science, IT, Business, Math and English.

Marketing Goals

Fuse School’s marketing goals are to increase brand awareness and views of their educational resource content online. They use Ad Grants’ AdWords Express to target those searching for educational material and drive relevant traffic to their website. Their target audiences are students between 12-16 years old, and teachers and parents looking for educational content.


Lucy Billings, Fuse School Manager, used data from the AdWords Express dashboard and Google Analytics reports to drive decisions about Fuse School’s online marketing, while continuously referencing and learning from the online Help Center. Analytics data shows that visitors who originally clicked on AdWords Express ads and then visited the site, viewed over 1 more page on average than visitors from other sources, and those returning browsed 6 pages.

Impact of Google Ad Grants

This was largely thanks to the understanding gained from Google Analytics about the volume of visitors coming from AdWords Express ads and tracking their behavior once they landed on the website. AdWords Express for Ad Grants was the biggest source of traffic to their site when the campaigns ran in 2016, contributing 73% of the site’s visitors. In addition to an increase in site visits, the impact of AdWords Express was seen in the engagement rates of the visitors. The majority of AdWords Express visitors were first time users but those returning to Fuse School to view more content, viewed 6 pages on average, watching the tutorials and learning more about what’s on offer.

Source: Google for Nonprofits